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    Touch of premiere pro confusion.
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    Morning all. Hope everyones had a great NY and enjoyed a little time off.

    I have some simple questions and am unfortunately very time poor at the moment, so Im really hoping you good folk will give me some assistance.

    Im coming into a project mid way and need to follow existing workflows. Same camera, C300MKII, same settings etc etc etc Its a mini doc series made for web.

    First, Im sorting through existing footage on premiere pro (latest), I went through and made sure all of the base luts are in the system for reference view. I am not grading at this point, just viewing. From all the LUTS Canon provide, which is just a good reference LUT for 709 viewing? Shot in Cinemagamut Canon Log2.

    Second, coming back to the C300MKII after not having really used it a lot, Im assuming YCC is just a short hand for Y’CbCr? Ive learnt over time that assumption will kill you so just want to confirm that.

    Finally, theres some shots that are shot 2K RGB444. Im assuming at this point all settings were same as the 4K footage and therefor can use same LUTS.

    Thank you good folk.
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    I think the LUTs you want are

    CANON C300mkII - CinemaGamut_CanonLog2-to-BT.709_BT.709_33_Ver1.0


    CANON C300mkII - CinemaGamut_CanonLog2-to-BT.709_WideDR_33_Ver1.0

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    Yes YCC = Y’CbCr (and also YUV from computer graphics): luminance & chrominance.

    Canon WideDR (per drummondb) should work fine and you can also try PP CC's built in ARRI to 709 LUTs (gamma curve and color space are similar). This is also an extremely useful tool: .

    2K RGB 444 is the best codec provided by the C300 II. In my experience, better than shooting in 4K YUV/YCC 422 10-bit as the 1080p can be upscaled to 4K and sharpened (+ grain before sharpening when appropriate). No one will be able to see any difference vs. 4K and you'll have near raw flexibility in grading. You can use the same LUTs if the 2K RGB 444 used the same settings.

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