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    Anamorphics + FS7 = bad idea?
    I have a potential music video project for which I'm thinking about using anamorphic lenses in conjunction with my FS7. Has anyone tried this particular combination? (thinking 2x rather than 1.33x)

    Am I correct in thinking I can shoot in UHD, de-squeeze in post, and crop to create a true 2.39 widescreen image in HD?

    How would I go about monitoring the image while shooting? Any tips and tricks re: frame guides on either the stock Sony EVF or a SmallHD 501 monitor?

    If this is a terrible idea, or if there's a much better way of doing this, I'd love to hear it ;)

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    I think you can only/best use 1.3 crop for 16-9 sensors .. 2 X for 4-3 sensor.. ?

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    You'll be throwing away a fair bit of your sensor cropping down to 2.39:1, and monitoring becomes a pain in the ass, and you'll lose some FoV as well.

    So there are certainly compromises.

    On the plus side though, you'll be cropping off the worst of the optical funkiness in the corners. So that will actually improve your apparent image quality a bit.

    Personally, I'd suggest 1.3x lenses (or renting a 4:3 camera). If nothing else it'll make your day MUCH easier operationally.

    Shooting 2x scope on 16:9 sensors gets pretty messy, pretty quickly.

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    Yeah, being able to monitor a reasonably representative image is definitely a concern.

    Anyone have thoughts on the 1.33x vs 2x question? Is shooting anamorphic worth the trouble if not going 'all the way' (i.e. with 2x lenses), so to speak?

    Obviously the easiest solution would be to test for myself, of course...but living in an area without anything resembling a film rental house makes doing so somewhat financially prohibitive.

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