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    There is severals PP versions than after apply luts in lumetri you could have randomly crashes, it is like the graphics card did not respond anymore (black screen):
    There is small indicator on lower right screen.
    Error Compiling Movie GPU/Lumetri or A low-level exception occurred in: Lumetri Color (AEVideoFilter).
    Thoses errors appear when you scrubbing in the timeline or export your project. PP is freeze you have to go in task bar and shutdown PP.
    Sometimes when scrubbing, there is black screen, you have to re-enter the file path of some luts apply in your project, sometime not, even after put your luts in the right PP folder.
    When you are working on huge project, imagine the nightmare.
    I noticed sometime problem with creative lut that does not render correctly even after change lut, you have to delete lumetri effet and re-apply it for creative lut run normally.

    I have Nvidia TitanX graphic card and others PC, randomly crashes are the same.
    So, since several years, i prefer use rock solid colorista to apply luts in my project with gpu acceleration in PP.
    Lumetri bugs are the same in PP 2019, and 2019 stability is worse.

    My pipeline to work correctly: CC 2018 + colorista IV.
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