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    Podcasts about bigger film production
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    Hi, are there more people here that love to listen to filmmaking podcasts?
    I do so a lot.

    What I have found though, is that most podcasts available are all about "Indie", "DIY", "Microbudget filmmaking" etc. They tend to interview smaller filmmakers that barely made it, that got together $10,000 to make a movie, distribution tips for microbudget projects etc.

    Does anybody know of podcasts that deal with middle or big budget film production? That would include interviews with studio executives, producers of 5-10 million dollar films and up, above the line people from known tv series etc.

    Don't get me wrong, I think it is great that there are podcasts about microbudget filmmaking too. It might be even more needed on that level!

    But I do think it would be very inspiring to hear talk about bigger productions too.

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    The only podcast I know that occasionally goes into this is John August's podcast. His is mostly on the writing side, but sometimes he has filmmakers and producers on to get their perspective. His podcast with Christopher McQuarrie was really interesting--

    Happy Sad Confused also interviews a lot of directors--
    "Money doesn't make films...You just do it and take the initiative." - Werner Herzog

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