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    Sold, Thank you. Zacuto Z-finder for the Canon C200 - complete set
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    So you want to make your C200 shoulder mount camera?

    Well, if your eyesight is good very closeup, and you are working indoors, you can the way it came from the factory.

    But if you are like me, where you need reading glasses, or shoot in the sun, I found the best option on a budget was the Zacuto Z-finder for the C200.

    But if you think getting just the Zacuto Z-finder will work, guess again.

    I was hoping it did, but the factory monitor holder could not hold the extra weight of the Z-finder rig.

    You need the whole Zacuto set up. Then it works beautifully. You can mount it in front for handheld work or in the rear, for production work.

    You can even push all the buttons on the monitor while shooting handheld, which is a big plus. And it takes seconds to remove the whole thing if you want to shoot handheld.

    Now you ask, if I love it so much, why am I selling it? Well, I sold my C200 to buy a Sony Venice.

    Otherwise I would still be using it.

    This is what you will need:

    Zacuto Finder for c200

    Zacuto rosette mount

    Zacuto top plate

    Zacuto Z-rail axis mount

    Zacuto axis mini EVF mount

    for a grand total of $1,232.50

    I sold the camera with about 20 hrs, so you know this thing is in brand new condition too.

    You can have it all for $900.

    Local examination welcome, I am in Los Angeles

    thanks for visiting

    ps pictures coming soon.
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