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    B&H Photo Re-Lists the DVX200 with a New SKU Number ???
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    So there is the old B&H Photo DVX200 page that is marked "discontinued" : DVX200 SKU AG-DVX200PJ

    Now there is a new B&H Photo DVX200 page that is marked "New Arrival" : DVX200 SKU AG-DVX200PJ8

    ...So what's different ???

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    You'll be seeing this on several Panasonic products in the coming months. We changed the facilities where the product is manufactured and for inventory tracking purposes made the adjustment to the product SKU. Otherwise they are identical. For instance, in the US the EVA1 is currently the AU-EVA1PJ and in the next month or so it will become the AU-EVA1PJ8. Same camera.
    Mitch Gross
    Cinema Product Manager
    Panasonic System Solutions Company

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