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    Dust on rear element of my 100-400mm
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    So I just noticed some dust specs on the rear element of my Panasonic Leica 100-400mm, which I bought about 6 months ago.
    I cleaned the rear element with Rosco tissues and cleaner fluid, but there is a spec or two that won't come off an it appears they are on the inside of the glass.
    I have no idea how they cold have gotten there, or how to get them off, or even if it's affecting the image (it doesn't appear to be).

    Is it easy to have a lens like this cleaned by a local shop or am I likely going to have to send it in for servicing?
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    The only thing that matters is who's going to be taking apart the lens. If he or she is knowledgeable and has the experience then he or she could be working at a local shop or at an official Panasonic service center.

    Personally, I would send it to Panasonic for the peace of mind (although it's probably an easy task for a lens technician).


    But with that said, it's most likely not affecting your picture quality if you haven't noticed it before. I've had at least half a dozen lenses with dust in the front over the years.

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