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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Jensen View Post
    And it looked awful. I used Macie for repairs but I'd never let him change the look of my HL59 after seeing what he did to other people's cameras. Those were the dark days when you had to take off the side of the camera and tweak settings with a screwdriver so it was hard to undo or change the look once it was set.
    Quote Originally Posted by JCummings View Post
    Yea, if you didn't have one of those "Macie Standard" stickers on your camera, you weren't considered legit for network use. Sorta silly, but I could see the need for some consistent look, especially at that time when multiple camera setups were becoming the rage and post color correction tools were pretty basic.
    Different times for sure... Setting up cameras back then definitely was not as easy as it is now and you couldn't just go on the internet and find scene files and looks(if you had a camera with a digital paint menu). And yes, post capabilities were very limited compared to today.

    I consider myself picky/having high standards regarding the way a camera looks and I loved the way my Sony D50WS looked after they set it up(granted it started out 10x better than a BVW out of the box). I got compliments literally all of the time from producers, reporters, other camera guys and even engineers. I thought it even looked better than most D600's that had been set-up. This of course was in the SD days. Jump ahead to the HD days and I DID NOT like what they did with my VariCam. Looked horrible. None of the scene files were acceptable to me. I immediately went back to the look I created and still use it to this day.

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    Thanks for that offer, I can match them in post no problems at all. I really need to paint the FS5 in camera to better match the FS7 Standard shooting mode. I just hand them the sd cards at the end of the shoot and off they go. They are not colorist and their turn around times are such they just want to do a quick edit and done. We do green screen shots a lot and run and gun type stuff. Ill probably look for a used FS7 next year and go that direction. For my own clients I have found a good look with the prores raw out of the FS5. It saved that camera for me. I came from Canon 5d's and then C100's, when I needed 4k I couldn't justify the 15K+ price of the c300 so I switched to the sony, and I love the feature set of the 5 but the color and iq has never been good in 4k until the raw out feature.
    Thanks again.

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