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    Sony a6500 - Picture Profile Issue
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    I have the Sony a6500 and I have a problem with the 'OFF' Picture Profile being stuck to the Slog-3 look.

    Even though the PP is set to 'OFF' it is extremely flat and the minimum ISO is 800.

    I have factory reset my camera several times and reset my settings with no luck.
    It doesn't seem to FULLY factory reset the camera.

    I'm not sure what to do.

    Had this camera for just over a year (no warranty) and this issue just started about two months ago.

    Why this is an issue:
    I cannot shoot photos properly. I have to enable PP1 or another picture profile for it to work properly.
    But then I get different exposure readings on camera in comparison to when I'm viewing it in Lightroom. Its either over or underexposed as to how I shot it.
    Michael Frymus
    Travel and Commercial Photographer & Videographer

    Instagram: @michaelfrymus

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    Does it give you the option to select creative styles like "Standard," "Neutral," or "Autumn Leaves"?

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