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    I've just redesigned my website and set up a blog. Been resisting this for years as I'm not convinced it makes much difference for a jobbing pro like myself, particularly as I can show so little of my own work due to copyright/NDAs etc. So, my question is, what are fellow freelances doing to promote themselves? Websites, blogs, diary service, agents?

    I thought I'd give the blog thingy a crack over the coming months, so we'll see if I can prove myself wrong.

    You can see my website/bog here:

    Feel free to tell me it sucks.
    New Website:
    TWITTER: @FilmLiam
    INSTAGRAM: @picsbyliam

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    This’ll probably turn into a long thread but unfortunately from what I’ve gathered NONE of that stuff REALLY helps you get out there and’s about your sales/marketing skills-- cold-calling and pavement pounding til you make the right connections with the right people at the various client companies. People that find you through web services (seems different in the wedding world though) are not, in my experience, usually the people you want to deal with. Probably 95% of the people that come to me this way (I have my site as well as profiles up on a whole bunch of other sites) know nothing about video production including what a reasonable professional cost is and disappear once they learn that or even before when I ask them a ton of questions to get an idea of project parameters so I can quote. Not that web stuff doesn’t help but anyone who’s successful at what we do will likely tell you it’s door-pounding drudgery, sales/marketing and making personal connections that got them there.
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