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    GH5 + Smallrig cage + Ronin M - anyone try this combo?
    Has anyone tried mounting their GH5 with a smallrig cage (or any other cage) to a Ronin M?

    I want to get a cage, but if I have to take it off every time I mount it to the Ronin, seems like more trouble than it's worth.


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    I'm using the ronin M + GH5s + smallrigcage
    The cage helps me attach a rod above the camera to connect a wireless follow focus
    Ill try to send a picture tomorrow

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    Great! Thanks so much! I asked because I wasn't sure that the GH5 with the cage mounted would fit on the Ronin M. If you've got a picture of your rig, i'd love to see it.

    What follow focus are you using?

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