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I don't see the parallelogram thing doing anything in the first video of post 23. Is that right?

Why do you need the left/right swing function? Is that to take left right sway from the van out?
I cant really either - maybe its not!.. but when it was added the vibes went that you see in the 'dissabpointment' video.

The left right swing is the same thing - if there is a hard restriction in any axis shake justs permeates the rig.


Consider a 4.4 driving along the side of a mountain, the shocks are now at the wrong angle compared to gravity - hence the need for a shock system that will bounce when hit with off axis forces.

In design the 'mountain' situation is unlikely but gives a concept that 3 axes of freedom are needed , even on a mild camber a one axis arm wont be working against gravity properly.