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    F35 Serial Numbers
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    Funny I noticed this cool piece of information stored right in-front of our faces in the F35 2.12 Firmware Update Readme/Release Notes

    Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 9.46.37 PM.jpg

    I've got 11063 and 11068

    Who has the last made F35?

    Interesting I think the first number is F23 to F35 kits, there were 40 of those! (there must be more hidden in the woodworks. This would be a good argument to snap up a cheap F23) However the serial numbers match the F35 numbers?? I assume any converted F23 would have 2 give aways, the serial sticker on the body should still say F23 and the side panel would have the ND filters printed in that little panel.

    Only 128 of the original Black PL mount and 85 of the silver.

    I'm sure there are more outside of this, but it is still an interesting piece of information I had never noticed before.

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    F65 serial numbers
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    Consequently, for the F65, there appears to be about 350 or so produced as of when the v2.20 firmware was released in 2012. Whatís strange is that there are small 1 or 2 serial number gaps that the firmware doesnít apply to. Perhaps these were custom F65ís?
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    I have to stay away from this forum. It is not a healthy place for my bank balance......

    repeat...stay away from this forum. Stay away from this forum. Stay away from this forum. There.

    ......didnt work !

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