I know some of you are familiar with David Ford's company, ErgoCine. For those of you that may not be, he built great 'Aaton Style' wooden handgrips and other custom grips and controls. http://www.ergocine.com

David was a very smart and talented guy who believed in great craftsmanship and workmanship and would go out of his way to help you. I purchased my first grip from him for my F55 in 2015. Around the end of 2016/beginning of 2017 I approached him about creating a grip with integrated zoom rocker, record and "quick zoom" buttons for the Canon 17-120 cine-servo. David made several prototypes and versions, ultimately coming up with a final custom version of the grip he named after me, the "Bell Rocker". I don't know how many he made, but there is at least one other person out there with a regular version. News shooter also did a write-up before NAB on David's creation. https://www.newsshooter.com/2018/04/...e-bell-rocker/

While I never met David in-person, I had corresponded with him via email countless times and had many FaceTime conversations with him. From my interactions with him, he seemed like a really great guy and my sympathies go out to his family and friends. According to the post from his brother, it was a very sudden occurrence back in August. Not only is this a great loss to his Family and friends, it's a loss to our community, as well.

Some of David's great work: Custom Bell Rocker with handstrap
IMG_1308 copy.jpg
IMG_1396 copy.jpg