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    Straight out of camera footage being uploaded in a new resource.
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    Hey there everyone, I have been a Z280 user since the first week it was released. In fact I was the very first one to upload a consumer purchased "unboxing" when it arrived on my doorstep. =)

    A lot of people are looking for original straight out of camera footage... there is more demand for that than footage from YouTube etc because it's not truly the look straight out of camera due to these platforms compressions.

    I created two new groups on Facebook (because the Z280 and Z190, while similar looking are two COMPLETELY different cameras) for people to talk about their specific models without having cross talk with the opposite model. In doing so the file sections allow up to 100MB files to be attached and be able to download directly to other peoples computers (versus viewing compressed video online and not getting the true depiction of things)

    For myself personally I only own the Z280 so I have started to upload files to the Z280 group, but can't contribute to the other group other than any attributes that both cameras share mutually.

    Currently I have some High School Football clips and A low light wedding clip uploaded to the Z280 group:

    If however anyone wants to start sharing some clips from a Z190 the link is here for that group: PXW-Z190:

    Remember these groups can only allow up to a 100mb so if you have a clip bigger than that you can shave it down using this order of commands and it will retain its *exact* "straight out of camera" look and native compression (this is the Adobe 2018 method): Drop your .MXF file in your timeline and then trim it to size and repeat this order of commands and size trimming until it's a 100MB size file or less: File>Export>Media>Format>MXF OP1a and then for Preset select Match Source (Rewrap)

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    FB group creator for the PXW-Z280:
    FB group creator for the PXW-Z190:

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