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    Canon XF400 Joystick Question
    I can't figure out how to use the joystick to move the focus box around when shooting through the EVF. Is it really possible this function is NOT available and the joystick ONLY works for toggling through the menu??? (LCD touch AF is idiotic for run/gun handheld doc work, especially in bright sun!)

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    I can't access my XF-400 right now to check that out, but here is Jem Schofield's
    Canon tutorial on Dual Pixel Autofocus features. This is one of about 6 tutorials on youtube.

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    Thanks, but I don't think that tutorial says anything about it, unfortunately. I watched that whole series a few times (Jem is great!).

    I see this thread has been viewed over 300x and I've also posted to Facebook and a few other online forums. Two weeks later, nada. It's as if I'm the only XF400 with this question. Time to call Canon directly, I guess. If anyone comes across an answer to this, pleeeeeeeez let me know!

    If it turns out this camera doesn't allow focus point control (like my cheap little consumer Sony a6000 mirrorless cam, among countless others), it's an absolute dealbreaker. Seriously, if you work in bright, outdoor run/gun environments, buying this camera could be a colossal mistake. Just hoping it's something I'm missing in the menu.

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