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    Attachment 134242Yep. I think I'm inserting a photo but I can't tell for sure...
    Any idea what this setup weighs? I had the Letus Helix Jr. Magnesium with my C100 MKI and it was pretty heavy, this must weigh a lot. how long of a shot/sequence can you do before your muscles scream, "done!"?
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    Oddly enough, I haven’t weighed the rig. I’ve done 15 minute takes with the rig shooting on the streets in Manhattan. I’m kind of a slender build even though I strength train, weigh south of 160, so I’m not uber beefy. THe real key is if you’re moving as in walking as opposed to just creeping around, shooting some one talking that would be much better off shot hand held. If you’re just doing very small amounts of movement as in shooting slow detailed shots of people or things, its so much more tiring. Ihaven’t had the opportunity to use an ready rig yet. THe whole idea of the Helix was that it would fit in a relatively small case and could travel easily, I could rig it 10 minutes and not have to schlep around a stand and a sand bag for docking situation like you do with a steadicam. The helix has been great substituting for the steadicam. Having the canon handgrip on the Helix is a complete game changer.

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