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    My For Sale post has been deleted, twice!!
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    I posted a Tamron lens for sale in the FS: Optics category, twice in the past two days. It's been 'lost' twice...I can't find the post - I don't know why...but it's mighty frustrating. Anyone got a clue as to whether or not I did something wrong, or is someone deleting my post for a reason I'm unaware of...???
    It's all ones and zeroes, somewhere...
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    There is quite a few rules regarding for sale posts. They delete your post if you don't follow the rules. You can read them in a better formatted style in the sticky, but here they are:



    These Guidelines Govern Marketplace Use:

    Fraud. If you suspect fraud, report the thread or post using the 'report post' icon.
    No Comments. NEW Do not comment on item pricing, the seller, buyer or post off topic comments. Exchanges unrelated to interest in buying the item will be deleted.
    Use PM or eMail. Communicate all offers, terms, buyer-specific responses, or shipping questions using personal message or e mail, and not in the body of the thread.
    No Bumps. NEW Bumps are strictly limited to once per seven (7) days. This means that if there has been NO ACTIVITY or posts in your thread for seven (7) days, then one bump is permitted. Exceptions: If there is a substantial change in price or description, you may update your thread as often as needed. NOTE: Changes in shipping charges CANNOT be used to bump a post. If you are answering a post from another user in your thread about buying the item, you may do so without restriction. If you are seen to be trying to skirt the bumping rule, your access to the DVXUSER Marketplace may be suspended or revoked without warning..
    Opening Price. All items listed for sale in the Marketplace must have an opening price provided in the listing, including eBay listings.
    eBay. NEW If a link to an eBay sale is provided, the thread will remain viewable, but closed, and no updates are permitted. All sales threads with an eBay link must include a price, or they will be deleted. Excessive outgoing links to eBay may be viewed as commercial in nature. As a result, you may be removed from the marketplace. Only official site sponsors are allowed to post commercial listings
    Photos. NEW Limit photos in a sales listing thread to five (5) or less. No exceptions. Violation of this rule will result in a deleted thread without warning.
    Commercial Sales. No business, storefront, or commercial sales are permitted in the Marketplace unless the seller becomes a DVXUSER sponsor.
    One Thread Only. Only one thread per item, whether it sells or not.
    60 Days Rule. You must be a registered member of for at least sixty (60) days before you will be able to create threads or offer items for sale in the Marketplace.
    Package/Bundle Sales. NEW Bundles mean Bundles. Bundled threads are currently the primary hassle and time-suck for marketplace moderation. Short of prohibiting bundled threads, we ask that you do not post a bundle unless you are *only* willing to sell it as a bundle. From our side, this is a primary method of skirting bumping rules, commercial activity, etc, etc. There are no exceptions on this. We leave the option open for those who truly want to sell their gear *only* as a bundle. If you post "willing to split", your thread may be closed/deleted. If a buyer asks "will you split the package?", their post will be deleted without warning. If you make a habit of infringing on this, you may lose marketplace privileges and/or be suspended from the site as a whole. If you originally post multiple items as a bundle and later decide to break it up, you must *first* close the bundle thread, *then* re-post the items individually. Again, only one bundle per sales thread. If you post a bundle for sale, but indicate you are willing to consider breaking up the bundle, the thread WILL BE DELETED.
    Open Sales Threads-Only One Item or Bundle Per Sales Thread. NEW No more than five open sales threads are permitted at one time, and only one item or bundle for sale is permitted per sales thread. Absolutely no liquidation, clean out, or close out sales permitted. Older sales threads in excess of five will be deleted.NEW RULES IN EFFECT MARCH 16, 2017.olutely no liquidation, clean out, or close out sales permitted. Older sales threads in excess of five will be deleted.
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