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    DMC-FZ 2500 (AG UX180) vs AG-HMC150 low light
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    So I did a quick little head to head test as I've been using my FZ2500 more and more getting used to it in the field.
    I expected the 1" sensor to be better in low light than the nearly decade old HMC150. It's not even close. At 0db vs 0db the HMC blows it away.
    So the HMC gets really noisy fast with gain so I seldom use 6db or 9db. But for the FZ to compete you have to gain it up to like 24db.

    It's no secret the HMC is pretty low res and doesn't resolve a full raster 1080 image. The FZ can do 4K UHD. So then there's the argument of down rez to lose noise.
    But in the end this means the 1" sensor isn't as good as I hoped compared to the tiny 1/3". Since the gain is cleaner you can gain the newer camera up more, and you have to, because it is much worse in low light. Which means the AG HC-X1 and AG UX180 are in the same boat with the FZ2500.

    How are you guys liking your FZ2500, HC-X1 and UX180 cameras?
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