FAA Licensed and Insured Pilot ($5 Million) in Los Angeles, CA here but traveling worldwide for shoots!

The most popular package lately has been the Inspire 2:
- 5.2k CinemaDNG RAW or ProRes 444
- 12, 15, 25 & 45mm Prime Lens Set
- Full set of ND & PL
- 10 batteries (5x sets to fly all day)
- 2x 480 GB CineSSD with USB3 CineSSD Station
- Dual Cendence Controllers (Pilot & Camera Op)
- HDMI or SDI Out to Director monitor (Handheld 7" HD Monitor Included)
- Generator & cart along with all accessories needed for shoot
- 2-hrs: $150 | Half-day: $400 | Full-day: $850 for Pilot only (Camera Operator & VO $400)

Also have a Matrice 600 with Ronin MX gimbal for flying Alexa Mini or Mirrorless Cameras and a Freefly Alta 8 for bigger projects

Have flown for Harley Davidson in Texas, Revlon in Barcelona and on a Disney Feature in LA most recently.

Lets fly!