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    Best ND Filter Set In 2018
    For screw in filters what would you guys recommend?

    1. Tiffen NATural Full Spectrum Neutral Density 1-7 stop set.

    2. SLR Magic Circular Fixed ND Filters 1-10 stop set.

    3. PolarPro Quartzline only 3, 4 and 6 stop filter.

    4. Breakthrough Photgraphy X4 ND only 3 and 6 stop filter.

    5. Tokina PRO IRND (1-8 stop set)

    I care about color neutrality (no color shifts and white whites and black blacks) and no apparent image degradation.
    Some of the ones above are not full sets as they are more targeted to still shooters.

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    I haven't looked at this in a couple of years. Back then, the most common recommendation were Hoya ProND filters. So I bought a set of those. They're great. Or at least good enough that I stopped worrying about how good my ND filters were and never gave it a second thought (or did any side-by-side tests or anything: they just look flawless in my day-to-day use so I've turned to overthining different stuff instead).

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    I believe they stopped making Hoya ProND Which is why it is not on the list.

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    You can still buy them (at least for now):

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