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    UX90 vs HCX1 Low-Light Performance
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    Hi there,

    I currently own the Sony HVRZ7U camera and I'm looking to upgrade. I just needed to know, does the HCX1 perform better in low-light compared to the UX90 or are they at the same level? I played around with the UX90 and wasn't really happy with its low-light performance. Thank you.

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    The UX90 and HC-X1 have different sensors so there may be a slight difference in noise performance between them. I have a vague recollection of someone who had tested both the UX90 and UX180 when they were released saying the UX180 had slightly better low light performance than the UX90.

    I have the UX180 (exactly the same as the HC-X1 in all important ways) and am reasonably happy with it's low light performance for what it is. I've tested it against a Sony NX3 (3 x 1/3" 1080p) and it has better low light performance.

    Unfortunately, I doubt you will find any small sensor UHD/4K camera will have better noise performance than the Z7U simply because of that large number of pixels required for UHD.

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    The UX180 is a full f-stop faster than the UX90.

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