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    4 minutes per card was awesome!

    Said no one loved the HVX.
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    i still have and love my hpx170. i half-assedly tried to sell the kit here briefly last week. but it got pulled down (i think maybe for too many posted photos or something?)
    it's still a totally viable b-roll camera. but its hard to believe how much sharper even an iphone 7+ is by comparison.

    still. you can't beat:
    - no jello
    - servo zoom
    - built in XLR
    - built in ND
    - rock-solid recording media (though i don't miss the frequent card swaps and need for an assistant for long-form jobs)
    - that "look" no need to fart around with luts!
    - no overheating, recording time limits, or an external monitor just to judge FOCUS!, etc...

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