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    If one slowed down the tape speed to frame-by-frame, one could see that the rocket never actually hits the VVS plane.

    PS. Until, MiG-29 came out in 1982 and squadrons became operationally ready in 1985, a Soviet pilot would be crazy to challenge a fully equipped US fighter aircraft. All one has to do is to refer to the Operation Mole Cricket 19 (aka the "Bekaa Valley Turkey Shoot").

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grug View Post
    In their testing he said he was actually leaning towards the Sigma Cine primes
    I love the Sigma Cine primes but I'm surprised that they'd be used on such a huge feature. Anyone care to comment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Run&Gun View Post
    Who likes chocolate milkshakes?
    Not the kind offered at wiener circle in Chicago on clark street. LOL
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    While there are some little design quirks I don’t like about the Sigma’s, mechanically they feel great and they’re built like tanks and can survive in the real world. With my limited time with the one I had on loan, I thought it looked great. I’m sure at that level, their standards are even higher than mine, so I’m sure if they used them, they tested them six ways from Sunday and found them to meet their criteria for image quality and performance.

    While I love my Canon CN-E primes, if I was buying from scratch today, Sigma may be the ones getting my money. And actually, the Sigma 105 T1.5 is the next lens on my list.

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