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    Roof Over Paradise - GH5s.
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    This film's about the people who maintain the illusion of Paradise alive and well in the island of Mauritius.

    I made this while on vacation. Originally intended to be a camera test to see how V Log and 60p play. Not well. Whether in 200mb FHD 10bit or 4k 8bit, 60p Vlog bands like crazy. I hope Panasonic can fix this. On the bright side, the Olympus 12-40 and 40-150 2.8 are excellent video lenses. Sharp and better character than Panasonic, they're also switchable from AF to true manual focus. For video this feature is key. I used the 12-40 handheld and the 40-150 on a monopod. I'm from a film background, so not having IS isn't a deal breaker.

    The best thing about the GH5/Olympus package is that it's so unobtrusive. I could get into places and get footage I could not have with a production camera.
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    What happened to the highlights they are all compressed to gray mud? Did something perhaps go wrong with the upload?

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    Thanks for sharing

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