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    Need compositing and digital FX done
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    Many moons ago I made a movie. My very first feature. It was called 'Afterlife'.

    Got everything shot and got the movie 95% cut together. But we ran into a snag. We have two scenes which take place in the interior of two different cars. Both are driving at night while the passengers have a conversation. The scenes were shot in a warehouse against a greenscreen. Unfortunately, the screen was poorly lit -- the lighting on the screen is uneven, there are wrinkles in places that caused white hot spots, and the car and people were positioned too close to the screen so there is green light spillage into the car and onto the people.

    Needless to say, I am unable to get a clean composite with my limited skills and software. So I need to find someone who can composite it -- if it can be done at all.

    Also, the footage was shot in standard def using a Panasonic DVX100a -- 24p. I have no idea what it will take to get a clean composite. So I need estimates.

    We also need digital FX done to make our 'ghost' look more ghostly.

    I may have someone interested in putting up the money to get this movie finished. So if you can give me any kind of ballpark estimate, please do. This movie was shot, as I said, many moons ago. So I'm digging through my old storage hard drives to try and locate the project files. When I find them, I can let you know exact run times and frame counts of the scenes involved, and let you see samples.

    David W. Richardson
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    I'd be willing to bid once you have some stills to look at. I'm a VFX sup by day, and I primarily work in Nuke.

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