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    Well Morgan, when you're out filming your nuclear explosions I think you'll find film works better simply because you won't have any issues of EMP frying your digital camera. Remember to wear sunglasses and lots of sunscreen ;)

    By the numbers, where does film have an advantage?

    1. Resolution, 4K delivery
    2. Dynamic Range
    3. Low light performance / noise
    4. Highlight behavior
    5. Color

    The Alexa 65 and LF easily bests film in 1-4* and match/emulate it for 4-5. 4 & 5 + grain & color can be made to match film stocks in post if desired.

    Note that Steve Yedlin could have used whatever he wanted for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. What did he choose? For A camera, the Alexa 65, along with B cameras: Alexa Mini, Alexa XT Plus, and even film for some shots (Kodak 5207/5219, ARRI, Panavision, and IMAX film cameras):
    Arri Alexa 65, Arri Prime 65 Lenses
    Arri Alexa Mini, Panavision Primo, C-, G-Series and Super Speed Z-Series MKII Lenses
    Arri Alexa XT Plus, Panavision C-, E-, G-Series, Super Speed Z-Series MKII, ATZ and AWZ2 Lenses
    Arriflex 435, Panavision Primo, C-, G-Series, ATZ and AWZ2 Lenses
    IMAX MKIV, Hasselblad Lenses
    IMAX MSM 9802, Hasselblad Lenses
    Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2, Panavision Primo, C-, G-Series, Super Speed Z-Series MKII, ATZ and AWZ2 Lenses

    * IMAX 70mm is said to be 12-18K and could easily be matched with a digital sensor if it made business sense. Red or Sony might get there first as ARRI isn't really playing the resolution game.
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