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    audio syncing - how to?
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    Did a shoot and now getting ready to edit. I haven't done any audio syncing so this will be the first for me. I'm working on the Vegas Pro 14. So what is the best way to do this audio syncing?

    Here is the note I received from my sound guy:
    The first day files for all takes are in a folder labeled with the date. The rest are in scene folders. A few scenes are mixed up but they are in the notes Phill took. Using date and time code should auto sync anyway.

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    Either with software such as PluralEyes or the old-fashioned manually way matching waveforms via spikes in audio usually recorded with a slate and/or clapping (or what's available).

    It's easy to double-check by playing the scratch/external over each other and you'll hear when it's not right (not in sync).

    1-2 frames in either direction isn't noticeable by the human eye/ear IMO (or at least not a trained one), but you of course always want a perfect match.

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    Use PluralEyes and have it replace the audio of your video with the new audio (Do this to a duplicate of your media just in case). Otherwise just do it by hand in Vegas

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