It sure would be nice if the site could be responsive. Not only does Google negatively hit search results for websites that are not responsive but it is an absolute nightmare to use Dvxuser on my phone. I realize the site is at the mercy of whatever content management system is being used to run the site but it is seriously way overdo for some mobile TLC. It is somewhat usable on tablets but on phones it is a nightmare.

I'm fine with the overall layout but it could at the very least just wrap the text properly on narrow screens. Yes it would mean a ton of scrolling but thats perfectly ok for phone users and we would rather scroll vertically vs scrolling around in circles to read the site. Posting comments also requires scrolling around to see the full text input box. Limiting that to the screen width as well would be a huge help. I'm ok with the small buttons and other not so friendly mobile features but wrapping the text to the device width and the comment input field to the device width would be one massive help.