Hi Folks,

Posting a long running project of mine to get it out there and get feedback. Developed this in 2008 with a couple scriptingwriting friends pitched it to a few game and film studios in montreal then we decided to chip away at it own our own.

It's this modern day fairy tale/steampunk type story centered around this boy who is stolen away and used to create emotion drugs for the enjoyment of society. Here's the synopsis:

A baby is taken away to be raised in isolation to extract the purest emotion from him. These emotional extracts will be used to create drugs for mimicking different emotional states for the enjoyment of the society. A pet project of the head of the company "Eden Paradise Inc.", a cryptic aging man who wants to remember the feeling of "first love" again drives the agenda behind this project.

They choose the child between two babies of high emotional "vibrance", one is a boy the other a girl. We see an abstract image of the two children as single cells forming into humans, separate but growing together.

The pharmaceutical giant funding this project has neglected it and it has all but been forgotten in it's overwhelming bureaucracy and mismanaged projects.

The company has begun testing on their own employees recently in an effort to save money and get faster approvals. They are now drugging their employees to stay asleep yet functional. One worker breaks through the spell and has been launching rocket search probes in a dream-like state to find the boy. He is the father of the girl who was not "chosen" for the experiment.

After years of searching he's finally found the child through the use of the hijacked company rocket probes. He heads out in the one man train to rescue him, still sleepy...he takes his daughter with him.

The boy's father was previously a lower level worker whom they killed to get his son, before he died he managed to download part of himself himself into a service robot which functions as refrigeration unit.

He sneaks out of the factory and runs from the city and we see him progressively deteriorating, ruminating on the same thoughts and ideas over the years, his thoughts and physical nature deteriorate but he persists in his goal, he still clings to the hope of finding his son, Stillman.

Stillman in the meantime has been raised by this machine. We see various aspects of his upbringing, and the film focuses on the nature of their peculiar relationship. Daily, the head would execute routines to teach the boy about emotions to create the purest feelings, then nightly extracts from him the chemicals used as the raw ingredients for the elixirs. During all this time the machine jealously guards the boy, and being forgotten by the head corporations the experiment devolves into a dark relationship. Stillman befriends the forest animals and one of his newest friends, a deer, is killed one night by the jealous Machine. The boy comes to realize the true dark nature of the Machine the next morning and plots his escape.

The creaky robot father finally finds the boy and takes him away by having the boy crawling inside his storage unit. The machine not willing to give up the boy angrily gives chase but in the pursuit of the robot father and son tumbles over a cliff and smashes. We see a mysterious figure emerge from the machine and run off into the fog.

The father runs with Stillman through the night, taking him back to the city, attempting to explain who he is. With Stillman inside him he runs even more precariously, eventually he is too worn down and collapses and dies. Stillman shocked by realizing who this robot was and leaving the world he has know continues on by himself, eventually he himself becomes exhausted and collapses on in the forest.

The One-Man Train by chance almost runs him over, the driver takes Stillman in the back of the train and they journey back to the city, The boy and girl smile at one another and touch heads.

There's really alot of rendered visuals that go along with this but i'll spare people sending links to those, but would love to hear any thoughts/feedback on the concepts and story..