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    AF100 - It's amazing what these modern cameras can do for you ;-)
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    I hope this forum is still alive. I have to say that I still use my AF100 and
    still love it. And now that I have read for a long time in this forum, I would
    like to share some impressions that I have collected with this little gem. The
    occasion is a small commercial that I filmed last autumn with the AF100.

    This film is currently shown in the biggest cinemas in my home region. It is to
    promote a course of study at our local university that focuses on sustainable
    energy production. The story of the film is of course inspired by the movie "Back to the

    Besides the camera I use some old OM lenses together with the Speed Booster - a
    great combination. I was able to shoot this commercial in one day - essentially
    as a one man band. I have access to the Sony FS7 (which is a fantastic camera and
    I love to film with it) and it may sound a bit polemical, but I chose the AF100
    over the Sony FS7 for this shoot for the following reasons:

    - The AF100 is a little smaller and lighter and I can work with it faster. When I
    film with her, she feels like an extension of my arm, while the FS7 feels like a
    brick, although I also use an ATOMOS recorder on the Pana. However, I have to say
    that I filmed almost exclusively from a tripod for this shoot and the time
    advantage was therefore not quite as large.
    - The image quality is still more than amazing.
    - I like the look of the AF100 - especially in combination with the OM lenses.

    I bought the AF100 from BandH in August 2016 and had it sent to me in Germany -
    about a week before it was set to "sold out". One of the best purchase decisions
    of my life! But I have to admit that it took me a while to get the best out of the camera.
    At the beginning I was even quite shocked about these nasty highlight color-blowouts,
    which i learned to get a grip on and which are no longer an issue for me.

    This forum has helped me a lot - thank you for that.
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    Filmmaker from Germany

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cary Knoop View Post
    I suppose your and my understanding of the meaning of "modern" applied to cameras is rather different.

    The AF100 was released six years ago and is discontinued.
    It does not even support 1080p.
    Yeah, BS.

    It does 24/25/30p in full 1080.
    Matt Gottshalk - Director/ Dp/ and Emmy Award Winning Editor
    Producer, Digital Creative for the United States Postal Service

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    My AF101E support 1080 60P and 50P

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    Let's see how many ways we can discourage people from joining. A few more posts should crush Holle to never post again after this first post. C'mon folks, we should be welcoming new members and start with encouragement and support.

    Holle, thanks for your post. I want your Volkswagen. I have lots of bottles.
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    I especially like the green air conditioning system in the Volks too. Nice piece!
    Brian Murphy
    Sony PXW-Z150 -Sony A7iii
    Sony-28/135 Cine-Tokina 11/16-Sigma 70/200 Sigma 24/70, Nikon 55(1.2)
    Collection of CY lenses and vintage Nikons, Canons.
    2x DJI Osmo Plus -GoPro H5
    Teradek Vidiu kit-BM WebPresenter/Open Broadcaster & WireCast.

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    It supports both 50 & 60 at 1080p - stop making things up
    EVA1, AF101, AC161, GH4

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    1080p60 was not a standard capability when the camera was released, but was available later as a paid firmware upgrade. The "PH" mode that it added also increased the maximum data rate from 24 Mb/s to 28 Mb/s. So some cameras, including mine, will have it, and some will not.

    - Greg

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    Welcome Holle, do not pay attention to the “ nay sayers”. I had an original AF100 upgraded to the 1080 p50/60 PH mode, and later sold it to get a AF100A with the newer video processor, which added 1080p50/60 output via HDMI. The camer fully supports full HD 1080p in addition to 720p and SD. It was one of the first “ higher end” cameras to offer full HD 1080p recording.
    It offered many advantages over using a DSLR for Video, in a familiar form factor (similar to ENG cameras) with external control switches foe WB, Gain/ISO and ND filters. It was and still us an amazing camera, which like most pro or higher end cameras, yiu must learn how to use to get the most from it. A point and shoot it is not. Good luck with your project.

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