Kessler Revolution Head with Oracle Controller
-Enables extremely precise movements with adjustable sensitivity. Goes great on a jib.
-Comes with SmartLapse hardware upgrade, firmware upgrade, Camera Control Module, e3 cable for Sony cameras, AC power adapter, DC power adapter and custom V-mount battery cable (for wireless use), machined quick release mount for tripod (can be used to attach to Camcrane as well), Pelican hard rolling case with foam cutout. This thing can handle a RED with a cine lens, and is also a timelapse beast. Can also be underslung on Camcrane. Includes custom machined plate for quick release to tripod attachment.
-The Smartlapse feature allows the head to move your camera, then trigger your camera, then move your head again. Especially useful for long exposures where you don't want motion blur in your timelapse.

-$1000 obo

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Located in Salt Lake City.