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    Zeiss 35mm f2.0 ZF Lens: Trouble with the focus wheel. Require help!
    Hello everyone,

    I'm Alex, a Videographer from Cheltenham, UK.

    I've been the happy owner of set of Zeiss ZF primes for about 3 years now. Love the look, and feel and would never part with them unless I had to.

    My 35mm Zeiss f2.0 began*making clicking/clunking noises when I rotated the focus wheel (Not to be confused with the Iris/Aperture wheel) all of a sudden today. It only happens when moving anti/counter-clockwise.

    I was wondering if any Zeiss lens owners or technical people could help possibly shine a light on what's occurring here. I'd really, really appreciate it!!!


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    I'd e-mail LensRentals or Duclos Lenses (or someone else) and see if they had anything to say about it.

    [And not that LR only specializes in lenses but one of the founders is an optics pro and maybe the message would get back to him and he could provide you an educated guess and/or possible cost repair costs.]

    Hopefully someone on here can help you too.

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    Never had any of my Zeiss ZFs do that. Sounds like an issue with thenfocus helix, they do wear with use.

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