@cpreston yes I wrote to Viltrox and they told me they were planning to make an EF-M to EF mount speedbooster to be released in around 3 months. Haven't seen it publicly announced yet though. Viltrox already make a speedbooster for M4/3 which works well.

@Movies by Matt I haven't tried the timelapse feature unfortunately. It does sometimes take a lot patience playing around with ML menu functions to discover how something works!

@NorBro ML on the 5D4 would be amazing. I'm wondering what the upcoming release of the BMPCC4k will do to the amount of work being put into ML in general on the high end EOS cameras (at least for video functions), since it would be cheaper and more convenient just to use the Blackmagic to achieve similar results? With the EOS M and other lower end cameras it might be different since nothing compares to them at their price point for raw video - the original BMPCC is still quite a bit more expensive than the EOS M.