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    Quote Originally Posted by filmguy123 View Post
    Also want to add a question here:

    Where does the demosaic process happen when outputting RAW, but not recording RAW to a recorder and instead recording video?

    My understanding was that when shooting RAW, the image is debayered by the NLE. But when outputting RAW and recording to video... does the Atomos recorder do so?

    How might this compare quality wise to actual RAW?
    Well, where are you recording it?

    The Atomos Inferno can accept the EVA1 RAW signal in 4K and 2K and record them as one of three formats:

    - EVA1 RAW -> CinemaDNG RAW (4K30p, 2K120p)
    - EVA1 RAW -> ProRes RAW (5.7K30p [soon], 4K60p, 2K240p)
    - EVA1 RAW -> deBayer into video, record as ProRes or DNX (4K60p, 2K240p)

    Or if you want you can take the CinemaDNG files into Premiere, Resolve or other programs and process them into video there. For ProRes RAW, the only current option is FCPX, where the files remain as RAW until the final export at the end.
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    If the EVA-1 raw output is 10 bit log lossless, it might follow the industry standard Cineon log curve used for film scans.
    Don't know this for fact regarding the EVA-1, but the 10 bit log lossless CDNG mode in Slimraw is Cineon.

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