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    A wide lens at f/5.6 is pretty easy in terms of focusing difficulty...most of everything is already in focus.

    It's the 50s/85s/etc. open at 1.4/1.8 where it's much harder (especially on full-frame sensors of course).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaime Valles View Post
    At this point, I'm not buying another camera unless it also has Canon's Dual Pixel Auto Focus (or it's equivalent). It's just too useful. My 1DX II shoots incredible cinematic 4K footage (8-bit 4:2:2) and the face-tracking autofocus has yet to fail me. And my C100 cameras with DPAF are excellent for event video.

    I used to shoot with Panasonic GH4 cameras and Voigtlander all-manual lenses, and got some great footage. But there's no denying that my work is better now because of Canon's DPAF. It's a night-and-day difference. I'm far less stressed about getting the right shot, and end up with a lot more footage that's usable because it's always in focus.
    I too have the 1DXII. It is a pretty amazing camera. Wish Canon had c-log in it, but I know they are trying to protect some expensive cameras. The DPAF in the 1DXII is very good. However, there are couple of situations (mostly wildlife and low light) where it failed. Else it is pretty good. Wondering how good will be the next version of DPAF.
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