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    Hvx200a Zoom Malfunction
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    Considering sending my HVX in for repair due to a zoom malfunction. When zooming, the lens sticks at 56z. About 1/3rd of the way. Even when switching from Servo to Manual, it will not go beyond 56z. Like hitting a brick wall.

    I've gotten estimates from 2 repair companies. One said it would cost <$300. The other said it would exceed the cost of the camera.

    Has anyone had this experience with their HVX models? Is it a necessary lens replacement fix, Zoom motor, or simply a mechanical adjustment?

    This camera is timeless when it comes to shooting snowboarding content. And although outdated, it's respected within the community and I still make a few thousand dollars each winter using it.

    I simply want to avoid paying >$350. And perhaps learn about fixing this problem on my own. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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    If you dig around either on the Panny site to elsewhere, there is and I have seen, a published parts book for all these early Pannycams. If you do need parts, the last time I checked, Full Compass had more stuff on the shelf than anyone but Panny.

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