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    Sony QoS Advanced Streaming
    Did a live shot last night using an old PMW320 with CBKWA100 live streaming adaptor. The video below includes b-roll recorded live from the live stream, as well as a raw live stream. Receiver used was the Sony PWS-100RX1, set to 4-6Mbps 720p30 QoS quality mode.

    For those interested in the Sony Advanced Streaming options in the new Sony shoulder and handheld ENG cameras, be aware, when bandwidth is very low from your internet device, the Sony receiver will lower the frames per second. The video will be throttled to as low as 10fps, but the audio will maintain normal consistency, so that your live report can still be heard, even if the video gets choppy. Sony chose this method of error correction over those such as Zixi, that would show low bandwidth as macroblocking and smearing.


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    Here is anoher 720p QoS stream from a PXW-Z90

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