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    Odyssey 7Q+ Power display issue
    Hello all.

    Recently I have noticed that the power on my 7Q+ fluctuates dramatically when being powered through an AC outlet and even worse when being powered via a Dtap to a battery. For example the Watts will go from 9.2W to 24W to 50W and back down to 9W in a matter of a minute. The same goes to the Voltage it stays at 13.8 and increases up to 20V and all the way down to 3V. At 3V the menu options lag but the video signal stays accurate. I currently have the previous firmware on it and I am currently updating it but I never had this issue in the past. Any advice or help would be appreciated.


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    You should definitely contact their tech support. Sounds like something in the internal power regulation is going south.
    Mitch Gross
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