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I've just posted about this to Mitch on the EVA1 FB page - don't know whats involved in making it happen but as mentioned in the post I made - it would be a fantastic show of goodwill to the AF100 community who still use the camera, I have 2 x AF101's that still get used for event type productions, doesn't feel like this cam ever got chance to live up to its true potential, I get great images with the Voigtlander Primes and Olympus Zooms

The companies (be it Panasonic releasing 60p for an AF100, Sony S-log for F3, or RED for the R1 MX and CF card compatibility) are not going to lose out of any brand new sales for their latest products but they would be building up a lot of goodwill for their brand if they showed greater support for their old products if after discontinuing them they released all the paid upgrades as being free downloads and lifted any proprietary limits on them.

Sounds like a Win-Win scenario, so a pity they don't do this.