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    Smallhd 502 vs 502 bright
    Hey guys, anyone using the smallhd 502 with a sidefinder? Talked to smallhd and they said the sidefinder won't be compatible with the 502 bright- just wondering how many people use the 502 with the sidefinder and had thoughts on it, vs the fs5 included lcd and evf.


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    I use the 501/sidefinder combo 100% and it offers everything you need on a monitor. It really is a great package but I have one complaint. The sidefinder uses spring operated latches to hold it closed. The original design used strong magnets but due to complaints, SmallHD went to latches. To release the bottom and top latches, you must use two fingers and then use your other hand to open or close the LED screen. Very awkward!

    Your combo needs a very strong mount to contain any movement. I have practiced using different techniques but I can't open or close the LED screen without shaking my camera. I am old and somewhat feeble so I am sure one of you young, strong guys can do it better.

    I look forward to reading your decision! There is nothing on the market that offers anything better than this combo.

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