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    Nikon d750 issues (cant move focus point and mirror is dirty?)
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    I have a nikon d750 and havent used it in a while since i switched to sony. i was going to sell it but feel bad trying to because it has some issues.

    1. Is there a setting that i might have hit that stops me from being able to move my focus point? I can change to any of the focus settings and all of the focus points still work. I normally would do continuous auto focus and 3d tracking, focus on the eye and move teh camera around to adjust the frame. Now the little focus square will only sit in the middle of the camera before i focus and i cant move it up/down/left/right. Is there a way to fix this? If i use 3d tracking(or any focus mode) i can focus on the eye and when i readjust, the focus point moves and works correctly, i just cant move the focus point before setting focus.

    2. When i look in the viewfinder i can see dirt, my photos come out fine and i have cleaned the sensor. I have realized the dirt is not on the sensor but on the mirror so only shows up in my viewfinder and not the final photo. Is there a way to clean the mirror? you cant really reach it like the sensor because of the angle its at and I think the dirt might be in a non reachable location.

    3. Is there a store or someone who buys cameras in not the best condition? I'd rather sell for cheaper to someone who knows how to clean the camera and wont mind the wear? Im trying to get rid of the tamron 24-70 2.8 and 85mm 1.8 as well.

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    On the main button on the back which you use to move the focus point check that the switch on that dial isn't set to "L" which locks the focus point.
    The dirt is on the focussing screen which you can see if you look up into the top of the camera through the lens mount. That is removable with a little sprung clip and can be cleaned with a lens brush or tissue. Use tweezers to remove it once it drops down in its little frame. Although you need to clean it with care it's not nearly as vulnerable as cleaning a sensor glass for example.

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