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If it's all boat to boat, and the easyrig is just to take strain off the operator, perhaps a hard mounted gimbal would work? Mount the gimbal to the boat somewhere with a good vantage point, perhaps 360deg, and operate remotely? Seems like that would achieve the same or better effect particularly at long distances and long lenses.

I've shot some fishing shows on boats in pretty rough water and on a super low budget the easiest way to get useable long lens footage was usually just to shoot with a good optically stabilized lens and at very high framerates, usually 240fps. Obviously that's a specific look but it sure takes the pressure off if your shot only has to be stable for a fraction of a second to get a good stable shot that's a few seconds long, this was mainly for b-roll though and shooting off the boat was only a low priority since we were set up to shoot most of the content on the boat.
Unfortunately it's the nature of the racing we are shooting that the solution has to be quickly and easily movable as the racers can appear on either side of the boat or at the rear of the boat so a fixed position won't work. We will be shooting relays with chase boats dropping racers in the water, other racers fling themselves off of the racing boat just before the new relay team climbs into the empty positions. There are up to 80 race boats in the water at a time and up to 80 chase boats so we have to capture shots of our teams when and where we can. It's kind of a crazy shooting situation, but fortunately we don't need to document every second of every race. In a three hour race, we might need to roll about 45 minutes of footage tops, even less might work.

As with everything connected with racing and being on the ocean, safety is #1, much more important than getting shots.