Where are the Marketplace rules?

I actually don't want to sell anything right now. But my curiosity is bugging me, because the moderators in the Marketplace act strangely. For example, a member was asking the seller technical questions about the item, and a mod stepped in and said please move this to email or instant message. It took me a while to come up with an explanation: maybe it's to avoid unfairly bumping the item up. I looked for rules, but all I could find were five stickies of various vintage:

09-20-2017: New Updated Guidelines Must Be Read Before Posting In Marketplace.
06-28-2016: [WTB] Scammer alert: Report all personal messages from new users in the marketplace
03-14-2013: The "For Sale or Want To Buy" Section Is For Personal Gear Only
12-07-2011: [SOLD] Please mark your threads as sold
03-27-2017: New Bump Policy in Effect - Read Our Updated Guidelines Rev 3-27-17

--- http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/forumdispl...or-Want-to-Buy

The first sticky has more links, the first of which is broken. The ones about commenting say that what I saw was okay: "If you are answering a post from another user in your thread about buying the item, you may do so without restriction."

Is there somewhere a nice, clean, single page of the current rules that I haven't yet seen? If not, wouldn't it be worthwhile just to copy and paste the current rules into one sticky and delete the rest?