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    shot my first narrative shortfilm - would like some feedback :)
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    Hey peepz,

    I hope this is allowed here.

    after testing and trying things in my studio for the last 2 years I finally shot my first short.
    We were a dp tag team. I lit, exposed and graded everything. My co dp Julia composed the shots.

    I like were I have come, too. But please please help me becoming better.

    Shot on BMPCC and Nikon Nikkor AI lenses and Tokina 28-70 2.6
    My main light was a Falcon Eyes 18TD and a 4x4 frame.

    Would love your opinion on the visual side of things.
    Thank you very much,

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    Nice work! I particularly liked the wall shot in the bathroom and the high angle on the staircase.

    It did start to get a little slow in the pacing; some additional angles to cut to in the conversation scene might have helped.

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