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    Quote Originally Posted by markfpv View Post
    Take this comment with a grain of salt - but for what's it worth - after first watching I was left a tiny bit confused about what the piece was promoting (was "Rains" the actual physical place or a brand of clothing / bags?). Perhaps because I'm not already familiar with the "brand" - but I went to watch a 2nd time to make sure there wasn't a light house (similar to the logo) somewhere at that lovely beach location. So perhaps one more "product" shot near the end may be helpful to goofballs like me.
    Soft selling "brand placement" is the new advertising - I can see what you mean due to the gorgeous landscapes chosen as the setting, but think it would be pretty odd to have 2x such lingering shots on high-end looking bags in a straight-up tourism promo - no? On a random side-note, I noticed a lady on the London Overground a couple of days ago with one of those bags - so I guess it's working on some level! ;-)

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    Don't get me wrong... I prefer that new advertising... with less "in your face" type stuff. And concur - the bags shots in the middle of the piece was the "light bulb" moment that this wasn't a straight-up tourism piece. Maybe I'm suggesting another high-end looking bag shot for the final shot instead of the one you have...but again - I like the work!

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