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    The D850 actually produces some incredibly nice images (with good glass) considering the 8-bit 4:2:0 limitations. I've shot a short run-n-gun handheld project and a couple of long interviews, one with green screen.

    For hand-held without any stabilization, it's obviously not so great. I did have a folded monopod attached to help, and was using a couple of the rare Nikon lenses with image stabilization, but due to size/weight/form factor it was very shaky--mostly for this I was shooting 1080p120 so that of course made the shots stable. The sensor has some strong rolling shutter fx.

    For the first interview I shot out ProRes HQ to an Inferno. The subject had fairly weak lighting with the background being a window on a sunny day. I was impressed with how much I was able to retrieve from the highlights in the background--again, given the 8-bit 4:2:0 limitations. Shot 1080p24.

    The second interview was cut to 25 minutes, all green screen. Also shot 1080p24 out to an Inferno, running 2 mics through a zoom, into the camera and then into the Inferno (I didn't want to deal with offsetting the sync lag by going straight from the zoom to the Inferno's xlrs). Got a really nice key with 5 chroma and 1 ultra key. Footage also held up well to color grading to match different scenes.

    Did some test 4K test shots but that's it so can't comment on 4K performance. It's a good camera for stix and probably gimbal, not good for hand-held or whip pans.

    I've just ordered an FS5m2 to be my A Cam, with kit lens and an active adapter to utilize the image stabilization of the Nikon ES lenses. This will be used for all run-n-gun, as well as studio shots, going out up to 4Kp60 ProRes Raw. The D850 will be my B Cam.

    EDIT: I should mention that the still images from this sensor are absolutely incredible.
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