Thoughts on investing in the Carl Zeiss T* UV Filters?

I generally prefer to have a little glass protection on my lenses to avoid hassle. I *KNOW* this is an age old debate so let's not try to get into that too much, but specifically, with the Milvus line up.

1) I am open to flying naked on these (the lenses that is, not me ;)). I do hesitate to add more elements in front of such a high-end expensive lens. At the same time, if I am honest, the added UV filter is something I don't tend to see a performance decrease with, but I know this can be hard to measure as if you start stacking any ND filters in front, or get light just the right way, it can lead to a quality loss. Thoughts specifically when pairing a UV filter with a Milvus?

2) If I do go UV, do I want these higher end Zeiss UV filters with the T* coating? As I understand, it does not match the coating on the milvus glass - problem? Worth it at all?

3.) VS the B+W XS-Pro Multicoated UV Filters (these are what I have traditionally used)