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    Drone Demo Reel (Sort of)
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    Raising money is an integral part of any startup, itís the necessary evil but that doesnít mean you canít try and have a little fun at the investors expense..

    Of coarse you might get the occasional laugh out loud comment, doesnít mean youíll get a check!

    Anyway, hereís a video showing all the different missions weíve done recently.
    Cap'n Jolly Daryl Barbossa

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    Not sure if you're looking for feedback but I might suggest opening with some of the eye candy that you show at the end before you start spilling the guts of what you do. Another thing, again just a personal preference, but I'd like to see some of those shots _not_ in split-screen so I can focus on one thing at a time. Things like the whale from overhead were de-emphasized by being shown in split-screen with another shot. Anyway good stuff!

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