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    Firmware update 2.2 released for the GH5
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    Just in case anyone didn't get the news yet.

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    Sweet! Thanks.

    I'd still like to see the following addressed:

    1. Customize IBIS Focal Length Presets
    2. IBIS Focal Length Reminder is Bypassed when using an HDMI External Display
    3. Optional IBIS Focal Length displayed on main screen - small text that could optionally be toggled on/off right under the IBIS logo on the screen, to remind what IBIS setting is set to (all too easy to forget)
    4. Screen Brightness auto-dim: an option to disable the auto dim after 30 seconds would be very welcome
    5. VFR in 1080p 10-bit 4:2:2 enabled
    6. Higher MBPS options for IPB mode, or 1080p All-I mode. It would be wonderful to see 400mbps All-I available in 1080p, not just 4K. Would also be great to see a 400mbps IPB mode available (not just ALL-I). Both of these alternatives offer great strategic benefits depending on the scenario.

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